Buried Podium Waterproofing Design

Podium decks generally need to facilitate a range of overlying finishes associated with the use of the landscape, including maintenance or emergency vehicular access, soft planted landscaping, activity/play areas and water features.

Podium decks can leak both during and after construction and the consequences of leaking substructures are numerous and invariably result in often significant costs associated with remedial works, delays to programme in construction, delays to building occupation and expenditure and disruption after construction.

Smart podium decks may also incorporate sustainable drainage systems and utilise water-attenuating ‘blue-roof’ systems.

Our designs address the impacts associated with the deck use, which include drainage, irrigation, structural fixings, traffic loading and thermal insulation; our services extend to full hydrological modelling of the drainage and attenuation elements. We work with the associated inputs of the broader design team including, but not limited to, the Structural Engineer, Architect and M&E Services Engineer along with the needs and requirements of the Contractor and Client.

We provide waterproofing design for buried and above ground podium decks, including the design of fully-integrated Sustainable Water Management systems.


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