Contaminated Land

Environmental Services

EPG provide services and support in specialist areas including contaminated land management, waste management, remediation, environmental management plans and environmental assessments to support environmental auditing to a range of private and government market sectors.

Whether it is a simple or complex site, EPG adopt a site-specific risk assessment approach underpinned by science, engineering, legislative requirements, best-practice and risk assessment principles.

Our services include:

Environmental Site Assessment

  • Phase I desktop studies
  • Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs)
  • Environmental due diligence
  • Groundwater investigation and management
  • Soil vapour assessments
  • Landfill gas assessments
  • Human health risk assessment
  • Expert witness and legal support

Soil, Groundwater and Vapour Remediation

  • Remedial feasibility assessment
  • Remedial systems design
  • Planning, delivery & management of clean-up plans
  • Environmental management planning
  • Ongoing monitoring and regulatory sign-off
  • Design and verification of gas and vapour mitigation systems
  • Design of leachate interception and management systems
  • Design and verification of containment systems

Soil Hazard Categorisation

  • Waste classification
  • Soil management strategies
  • Fast turn-around assessments
  • Asbestos waste management solutions

Underground Tank Management

  • Tank removal and validation
  • Multi-site tank management programs
  • Site risk ranking and staged assessment

Contaminated Land

Case Studies

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Contaminated Groundwater and Vapour Intrusion Mitigation Design, NSW

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Landfill Gas Remediation Action Plan, Western Australia

Dec 12, 2019 | Contaminated Land

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