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Designers and regulators quite often have differences of opinion with regards to the most appropriate drainage solution or contaminated land remediation technique. These differences of opinion can lead to delays in obtaining approvals, which may escalate into significant problems occurring on projects and unfortunately when projects go wrong it can turn litigious.

The ground gas and sustainable drainage division is recognised as an expert in the industry. We offer an excellent expert witness service in the fields of landfill gas, vapour intrusion, mitigation and sustainable drainage design. Our experience spans over 20 years during which time we have worked for leading law firms in support of their clients in the Australia and UK.

We are regularly appointed to act for parties when a disagreement occurs between developers, contractors, consultants and regulators. We are professional, have a comprehensive knowledge of construction, are effective communicators and offer a unique solutions approach, which are invariably acceptable to all parties. We also provide expert advice in litigation cases.

Examples of EPGs role has included but not been limited to:

  • Provision of independent reports to facilitate agreement between developers or consultants and regulators
  • Expert advice on permeable pavement failures and remedial options
  • Expert review of constructed sustainable drainage systems and provision of recommendations on remedial works to facilitate adoption
  • Expert advice on the causes of collapse and leakage of geocellular tanks
  • Expert advice on gas contamination problems and provision of mitigation measures
  • Expert advice on the causes of flooding on or around artificial sports surfaces

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Case Studies

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