Technical Consulting

Product Development

Assessment and design guidance is constantly evolving to reflect the latest scientific understanding.

This often leaves consultants and product manufacturer’s unaware of or unable to meet the appropriate design requirements, testing protocols and procedures.

Our ongoing partnerships with academic institutions, accredited testing houses and trade associations,  combined with our involvement of the development of product testing procedures and the development of design guidance in the contaminated land and sustainable drainage sectors, provides us with a unique ability to offer specialist advice to design consultants, contractors and manufacturers on matters relating to existing or proposed testing methods and design methodologies in these sectors.

Examples of our service include:

  • Production of guidance on the structural design of modular geocellular drainage tanks (CIRIA and British Plastics Federation)
  • Production of guidance on the hydraulic, structural and water quality performance of pervious surfaces along with design guides (CIRIA and Interpave)
  • Production of practical guidance to engineers, regulators and designers about assessing ground gas risk and the design of appropriate protection measures (CIEH and CIRIA)
  • Testing and validation of sustainable drainage components to demonstrate hydraulic performance, structural stability and pollution removal performance
  • Performance testing of tree root protection systems
  • Measurement of permeability of water and gas membranes to hydrocarbon/VOC vapours.

Support and R&D

Case Studies

Sustainable Drainage and Risk Mitigation Design at Former Landfill, UK

Jan 22, 2019 | Contaminated Land

The Project Project: Integrated Sustainable Drainage, Risk Assessment and Mitigation, UK Location:... [..]